Cina Domnului – Iunie 7, 2020

Dragii noștrii frați și surori! Mulțumim lui Dumnezeu, pentru că avem posibilitatea să sărbătorim Cina Domnului încă odată, în acest timp de pandemie. Duminica aceasta, iunie 7, vom organiza un drive-through pentru a distribui Elementele Cinei Domnului, la fel ca și luna trecută. Programul zilei de duminică 7 iunie: 10 AM Serviciul Divin de dimineață...

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Vestea rea și vestea bună

Let’s remember what we learned last week. The Northern Kingdom of Israel had evil king, after evil king, after evil king. God would raise up prophets and send them to the people, but the people would reject the prophets and keep living in their sin. Finally, they fell to the Assyrian Empire and went into captivity.

Now we turn our gaze to the South and look at the Kingdom of Judah. Sin was still a problem. Many kings lacked faith in God and turned to idol worship, but Judah also had kings that turned the people back to God’s Word and law! Just like in the North with Elijah and Elisha sent as prophets, God used a man named Isaiah as a prophet to Judah. Isaiah came to deliver bad and good news. We’ll be looking at two chapters in the Book of Isaiah to learn about God’s heart of grace.

Read Isaiah Chapter 6 & 53

 Chapter 6: Before a man becomes a prophet, they need to be called by God. In this chapter, we read about the moment when Isaiah said, “Send me”, and became a prophet to Judah.

  1. What does Isaiah see in his vision? (vs. 1-3 for answer)
  2. How did Isaiah respond when he saw the Lord? (v. 5 for answer)
  3. Why did the angelic being (seraphim) need to cleanse Isaiah with a burning coal? (v. 7 for answer)
  4. God wanted to partner with someone to save His people and Isaiah said “send me” (v. 8). God asks us everyday to tell the world about Jesus and what He did on the cross to save us from sin. Who will you share the good news of Jesus with this week?
  5. God tells Isaiah the bad news he has to deliver to Judah. From verses 9-13, how are the people and the land described?
    1. They hear but do not understand, blind, and will one day go into captivity. The land is wasted, houses empty, but a small group will remain.
  6. What promise is God keeping by saving a small remainder (remnant) of the people? (v. 13. See Genesis 12:1-3 & 2 Samuel 7:8-17 for references)
    1. God is a promise-keeper and will fulfill His promise of blessing all nations through Abraham and bringing our Everlasting King, Jesus Christ, through the line of David.

Chapter 53: We were left in chapter 6 seeing God’s judgment over Judah because of their sin and now Isaiah gives the good news of God’s plan for a messiah. This was written 700 years before Christ’s birth!

  1. What similarities do you see between the man described in chapter 53 and Jesus?
  2. God always had a plan to save His people by sending us a Savior. If you believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior, how has your life changed?

Spend a few minutes reading and meditating on our key verse for this unit from 2 Chronicles 7:14

 “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

What needs to happen when we see sin in our life?

2 Chronicles 7:14 tells us that we need to humble ourselves, pray, seek Him, and turn away from sin.

What then is God’s response to a humble heart?

He hears our cries, He forgives our sins, and He brings healing! He is faithful to restore the joy of His salvation in our lives. Praise God for His love, mercy, and grace!

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