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Missionary Team Philippines 2018

Arrival at the airport of the Philippines

In the governor’s office in the region

Our nurses and the governor

Second day of Mission

The second day of the mission I got up in the mountains. The army put us in Disposition a military truck with escort for team transport
Missionary, medical equipment and aid packages

Distribution of AIDS and medical activities

Preaching the Gospel

3rd Day of Mission

Department Leader
Dan Șalar

News & Events

Program for the upcoming week - 1Cor. 4-6        Monday        7:00pm       Bible Study 1Cor. 7-9        Tuesday       7:00pm        Prayer 1Cor. 10-12    Wednesday  7:00pm      Women's Conference 1Cor. 10-12    Wednesday  7:30pm       Youth Service 1Cor. 13-15    Thursday    7:00pm    Divine Service & Awana 1Cor. 16     ...
Awana Registrations - Awana registrations are available starting Sunday November 18th at the church bookstand. Anticipated Awana start date is January 3rd. For more information, please contact Hilda Popescu (503) 419-8232 or Gabi Bogdan at (503) 998-0683 for more information....