Philadelphia Romanian Pentecostal Church
Located in the beautiful Northwest of United States of America, we are a Pentecostal church affiliated of Assembly Church of God. Attention! All audio-video materials at Philadelphia Romanian Pentecostal Church are property of Philadelphia Romanian Pentecostal Church! They are, and will be available on this website. There is no reason to be copied and published to other websites and it is illegal. Please, do not copy to publish, on other websites, programs or part of video or audio programs recorded at Philadelphia Church, without an official registered permission.
Permissions can be obtained by contacting the Philadelphia Church Board, and the registered number together with the official Philadelphia Church web address must be published together with the video. There materials are not allowed on public or commercial websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Google, MSN, or Yahoo Videos and others like these.
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Philadelphia, Romanian, Pentecostal, Church, Portland, OR
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